【Cover 翻唱】憶紅蓮 Reminiscence of the Red Lotus 【Fyre】

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find anything to put in the music box intro (original pv starts when the actual song starts) so prepare for my terrible Windows Movie Maker Text attack!!! :3c muwahaha

Anyways, Hi there!
I recently started listening to a playlist of Chinese Vocaloid songs and oh my gosh some of them are just so beautiful I couldn’t resist! I’m also a sucker for traditional oriental music x) So today marks the start of my summer and I’m back home again so I rushed-recorded something heh. I know that some of the pronunciation is awkward, and I realize it but I just can’t say certain words in mandarin xD So excuse me on that. Also, I really suck at harmonies so I left them out, who needs harmonies anyway 😛 I hope you guys enjoy this one!

This song is one of the most poetic, beautiful pieces I’ve ever covered. I’ve put up some translations in the form of annotations so please turn those on if you can ^^/ The translated story is so worth it ; w ;

(i borrowed some translations from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jiwh1y0zwCc because the lyrics are actually super archaic-poetry so regular translation programs won’t do the job properly.


The story behind this song/pv:
Well, I wont go and copy and paste some other video’s description so I’ll give you a TLDR:

-Red lotus falls in love with the guy and incarnates as a girl so they can be together. Unfortunately, her time on earth is short because she’s just an incarnation and she basically has to die when the lotuses die (in the winter). It’s pretty tragic really ;; *heartbroken*

Also, note that the song actually switches point of views frequently (if you can notice it) so it’s not just 1 of the characters singing to the other.

mp3: https://app.box.com/s/q3whuimtrkc7radvwcod

Original+Instrumental MP3 Downloads: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=48f752b62ca00e36&id=48F752B62CA00E36%21120
Music composition&Tuning: 水琴
Music arrangement: TOZZ
Original Vocals:洛天依 Luo Tianyi
Original upload: http://www.bilibili.tv/video/av737481/

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