Daily Archives: Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I started out by trying to get rid of the trivial items on the list, that is to say the people who matter without mattering all that much. I figured that the guys who fit in this category could all get LED flashlights, with the idea that you find something that works great and costs relatively little. Once all of that stuff was out of the way I started working on the little ones, the nieces and nephews. I have a half dozen and it seems all of them want to tell me about iPad sales for Cyber Monday. Of course the iPad is way too expensive, particularly when you want to get five of them. That just is not going to happen. I paid two hundred and fifty dollars for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, but that was for me and it was probably two years ago. I am definitely not going to spend that much. An iPad costs a good deal deal more than that, around twice as much for the latest types of them.

I looked around and I saw places where you can find tablets for fifty bucks. That sounds too good to be true and if you look at the comments you can see that there are issues. In this case, people say that they overheat to the point where you can not really hold them in your hand. I could imagine little kids trying to use a tablet while they were wearing oven mitts. That is a funny image, but it is not going to pass muster with the kids that you give them to. It is not the sort of flaw that you can overlook. I am thinking that I could afford to get all of them something that is out of date though.

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