Daily Archives: Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I decided about a year ago that I was not happy with how I looked. Even more, I was not happy with how I felt. I had gained nearly 20 pounds in the year prior because of a bad breakup, and food became my comfort. It was easy enough to pack it on, but it was a lot harder to take it all completely off. I was successful though for the most part, but I knew that I was going to have to further research tips about weight loss in Singapore because I had some flab on my tummy that was never there before.

If I wore a tee shirt, no one could even tell. If I wore my two piece bathing suit though, it was out there for the entire world to see, or at least those who were on the same beach or at the same pool as me. I mainly wanted to be able to look at myself though and be happy with what I saw, so I looked online at clinics that can help with those last few pounds that want to be stubborn. I found what I needed quickly, and I was happy that there was a center close to me that does the procedure that I read about.

It is really neat how it is done. There is no surgery involved at all, and the entire process if painless. It is basically freezing the fat cells, and the results are pretty quick. If I would not have seen pictures, it would have been hard to believe that something like this actually works. I did see them though, and I have further proof it works because I am no longer embarrassed to wear my bathing suit when I am out at the beach or at the condo’s community pool.

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