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線上音樂收聽TANK「第三回合」專輯- 【KKBOX】http://kkbox.fm/0a0YXU 【myMusic】http://www.mymusic.net.tw/album/show/64407 【Omusic】http://www.omusic.com.tw/albumpage.php?album_id=1000008 ————————————————— 如果我變成回憶 曲: TANK 詞﹕陳信延、施人誠 編曲:呂紹淳 OS: 妳今年二十一歲 我二十七歲 我會在二十七歲等你 陪你過完生日 但是我卻不知道 有沒有機會陪你度過 三十 五十 七十 八十 一直到一百 累了 照慣例努力清醒著 也照慣例想妳了 好怕一放心睡了 心跳在夢中不聽話的 就停止了 聽著 呼吸像浪潮拍動著 越美麗越讓我忐忑 我還能珍惜什麼 如果我連自己的脈搏 都難掌握 如果我變成回憶 退出了這場生命 留下妳錯愕哭泣 我冰冷身體 擁抱不了妳 想到我讓深愛的妳人海孤獨旅行 我會恨自己 如此狠心 快樂 什麼時候會結束呢 哪一刻是最後一刻 想把妳緊緊抱著 可知妳是我生命中的 最捨不得 如果我變成回憶 終於沒那麼幸運 沒機會白著頭髮 蹣跚牽著妳 看晚霞落盡 漫長時光總有一天妳會傷心痊癒 若有人可以 讓他陪妳 我不怪妳 如果我變成回憶 最怕我太不爭氣 頑固地賴在空氣 霸佔妳心裡 每一吋縫隙 連累依然愛我的妳痛苦承受失去 這樣不公平 請妳盡力 把我忘記

Today we’re playing more Learn to Fly 3! If you want to see more videos with Katia and have any suggestions just let me know down below! https://www.twitch.tv/tewtiy https://www.youtube.com/user/sadf1324 FOLLOW ME! ♦ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tewtiys ♦ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/tewtiy ♦ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tewtiy ♦ Check out my Snapchat: Tewtiy ♦ Katia Smells Funny ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ MERCHANDISE! ♦ My Shirts!: https://nicepostureclothing.com/collections/tewtiy ♦ Nice Servers!: https://bolt.niceservers.com/buy?affid=1 SEND US STUFF! P.O Box 1191 St. Petersburg, Florida 33731 United States of America

Sleeping Music, Calming, Music for Stress Relief, Relaxation Music, 30 Minute Sleep Music, ☯3287B – “YellowBrickCinema’s Sleep Music is the perfect relaxing music to help you go to sleep, and enjoy deep sleep. Our music for sleeping is the best music for stress relief, to reduce insomnia, and encourage dreaming. Our calm music for sleeping uses Delta Waves and soft instrumental music to help you achieve deep relaxation, and fall asleep. Our relaxing sleep music can be used as background music, meditation music, relaxation music, […]

Watch the official video for Tank “This Is How I Feel” Directed by Taj. New album THIS IS HOW I FEEL available now! Download here: http://smarturl.it/thisishowifeel Share this video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http://youtu.be/HwobN0T3nyk http://www.therealtank.com/ http://www.facebook.com/TheRealTank Tweets by TheRealTank http://www.myspace.com/therealtank

This is how to drain an auricular hematoma or cauliflower ear using a 10cc syringe with needle. Please give a thumbs up to this video Don’t forget to comment and subscribe. Click here to SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxplrfzotx7p03CHj9Nvbw

http://www.mondedestitounis.fr/ Mon petit lapin S’est sauvé dans le jardin Cherchez-moi ! Coucou, coucou ! Je suis caché sous un chou Cherchez-moi ! Coucou, coucou ! Je suis caché sous un chou Remuant son nez Il se moque du fermier Cherchez-moi ! Coucou, coucou ! Je suis caché sous un chou Cherchez-moi ! Coucou, coucou ! Je suis caché sous un chou Frisant ses moustaches Le fermier passe et repasse Mais ne trouve rien du tout Le lapin mange le chou Mais ne trouve rien du […]

A “zombie” woman high on a drug called “flakka” was arrested by police The Walking Dead News – http://bit.ly/2gLOHOq Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend: David So • YouTube: http://youtube.com/davidsocomedy • Facebook: http://facebook.com/dsocomedy • Twitter: http://twitter.com/Davidsocomedy • Instagram: http://instagram.com/Davidsocomedy Cast: • Hosted by Tiffany Del Real • Commentary by: David So, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette, Julia Chow • Edited by Ryan Hasegawa: http://instagram.com/ryanhasegawa Submit JKNews Articles Here: http://tinyurl.com/justkiddingnews — FOLLOW THE CREW: • Joe Jo: https://instagram.com/joe_joverdose • Bart Kwan: http://instagram.com/bartkwan • Geo […]

The penultimate episode.. enjoy! Lots of love to all my subs and anyone who watches x Social media: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/alycerocha Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlyceRocha_x Discord: https://discord.gg/HnyG357 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alycerocha/ Snapchat: alyce_gaming Merchandise: https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/alyce-rocha OPTIONAL donations can be made here to help the channel: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3102917&ty=h Streamtip: https://streamtip.com/y/alycerochagaming Amazon wishlist : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/69ACD5MZCJ5I/ref=cm_wl_huc_view Outro music: Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [NCS Release]

Games have a troubling history of depicting sex in the most shallow and titillating ways, but the growth of games as an art depends on their ability to also explore sexuality in a mature way. Subscribe for new episodes every Wednesday! http://bit.ly/SubToEC (—More below) (Original air date: December 1, 2010) _______ Get your Extra Credits gear at the store! http://bit.ly/ExtraStore Play games with us on Extra Play! http://bit.ly/WatchEXP Watch more episodes from this season of Extra Credits! http://bit.ly/2nrLiSZ Contribute community subtitles to Extra Credits: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCCODtTcd5M1JavPCOr_Uydg&tab=2 […]

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