Asmr head massage with neck crack in professional saloon.

Today I went to studio 11 saloon for taking head from chul massues, but she was off duty today , so I took massage from a very young handsome barber Rijvan, he gave me dual taste of professional and indian massage, I went here to get a peace environment but the started yo can I smiled , actually one groom and his family was passing through out the saloon with his band for getting married, it’s a ritual here in India, I didn’t deleted it , I thought may be you will enjoy to listen it.In professional saloon they never crack neck n all but I asked him to crack my neck ,if he knows and very nicely he cracked. I felt so relaxed by his massage , let me know your feedback and tommorow I’m going to Chul , if she will be available.
So till then , have a nice sleep and sweetdreams and do not forget to subscribe my channel.
Regards .
Indian barber Tez.

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