‘Bee Movie Game’ Let’s Play – Part 2: “The Origambee Killer”

Barry’s returning back to the old neighbourhood after being locked up for two years…

On the 10th anniversary of the video game based on last year’s hit meme sensation, FTCR is doing what they do best and indulging in long dead memes, to celebrate this occasion with an LP of…Bee Movie Game. Bee very afraid…

Recorded by: Aaron
Editing & Thumbnail by: Stefan

BTCR is:
BeeTA: @TheRealFTA
Beevies: @StephenAymond
MBeeM: @MexiBassMonkey
Beefan: @gamesEnlisted
Bbron: @WestersaurusNXT
David B. Lurker: @dtlurker
Beekonosfan: @MykonosFan

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