Bloodborne Full Extended OST: Rom, the Vacuous Spider (In-game Extended) by Y. Kitamura

Consists of loop1, loop 2 (that plays during the second and third boss phases) and ending . Only the second loop is cycled here.

Released track structure: 0:00 – loop 1, 1:32 – loop 2, 3:20 – ending.
Extended track structure: 0:00 – loop 1, 1:32 – loop 2, 3:19 – loop 2, 5:05 – ending.

DOWNLOAD this full compilation in FLAC and MP3:
You will find the download links to all versions of Bloodborne Extended Soundtrack in one of this playlist’s videos description. Sorry for this inconvenience, but you’re the ones, who can help me spreading this music for more and more people. The more views videos have and the more videos are popular, the more people will have an opportunity to find this compilation and download it. So, please, don’t be mad, consider this as your repayment for my work and your help to this channel. And please, enjoy the music.

Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack playlist: (download links for the whole compilation you will find in one of these videos description).

All the music in this compilation was officially released and can be bought, so please support the creators of this music and buy this amazing album:

PS Store:!/en-us/games/addons/bloodborne-original-soundtrack/cid=UP9000-CUSA02006_00-BLOODBORNEFOSTUS

While playing the game, I remembered most of it’s music tracks being longer, then they appear on the released album. On the first playthrough you fight some bosses longer, then the recorded music lasts, so the music begins to loop. So, I decided to make this extended Bloodborne soundtrack with all it’s music pieces playing looped in the same way, they are looped in the game, so here they might sound closer to how they sounded to you in the game.

I used the loseless album tracks to create these longer versions of all the tracks and I compiled two versions of this extended “album”. One is a “Bloodborne Full Extended Soundtrack”, that consists all the music of the dame, including main game, DLC and alpha version, where I ordered all the tracks togather in a way, I like it to play (the same order is here, on this Youtube playlist, you’re listening, separated into two parts). Second version, “Bloodborne Extended Original Soundtrack”, consists of all the same tracks, but ordered the same way, they ordered in the released albums: separate CD1, CD2, The Old Hunters soundtrack + bonuses and alternatives.

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