Bloodborne Walkthrough Part 15: Shadow of Yharnam & Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Rei III double downs on Bloodborne bosses this episode. Firstly, she has a bone to pick with those Shadow of Yharnam suckas. There are three seeds of success in my strat. First, bring all three of them to about half health equally. Then, fire paper your weapon and choose one of the foes to target and just burn them down – like as they transform into phase two. Then pick another target and just and burn it down whole sale before they start summoning. The summoning the giant snakes is the worst. With two down it’s a cake walk.

There is a hunter in the mansion that is crazy with spells, use line of sight to save your arse and murder her face. Soon you’ll jump into the lake and find Rom, the Vacuous Spider. He start passive but there are no other exits. When in Rome, kill Rom. Ignore his spider-dragoon buds and try to find openings to murder him. After he teleports once he’ll start casting annoying arcane spells, roll in a crescent shape to dodge it. Rom also has two AoEs, watch his tells to avoid them. It’s a very situational boss so wait for the right times to strike.

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