Budget Magic: $99 (31 tix) GB Leap Whip (Deck Tech)

This week, we’re heading to Modern for a deck that combines together two of my favorite cards from Standards past: Whip of Erebos and Evolutionary Leap! The deck of the deck is pretty simple – it’s overloaded with creatures, many of which function like spells, so we play a creature, get value from its enters the battlefield trigger, sacrifice it to Evolutionary Leap to find another creatures, Whip of Erebos it back from the graveyard to reuse the enter the battlefield and finally, before it gets exile by Whip of Erebos, sacrifice it to Evolutionary Leap against to find yet another creatures from our library! The end result is a deck that’s absolutely stuffed full of value and really good at grinding out long games. Can we make Whip or Erebos and Evolutionary Leap Modern playable? Let’s discuss!

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