Diary of a Cloistered Nun Full Movie

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  1. I dont think that all nuns are like this but we would be fooling ourselves into thinking these type of things dont go on. Priests sleepi g with young boys and all. Dont be fooled these things do go on

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  3. Very educational on how real nuns live. I am writing an essay for my college class on liberal studies and the effects of cults and brainwashing.

  4. nice…

  5. Fuck whoever produced this movie

  6. Hi kass

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  8. people have never been in the convent and have never empirically interviewed nuns to know how nuns live in the convent. The fact that they are not nuns and have not known how to be a nun, ARE FULL OF IMAGINATIONS. People you see acting as nuns are not nuns . They are actors.

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  10. I love this

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