Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Scoop & Spray Firefighter Dusty Water Toy Planes 2 Movie

Toys from Disney Planes Fire and Rescue, the Planes 2 movie, the Scoop & Spray Firefighter Dusty scoops up water into his tank and sprays three fire targets. In this toy review and playtime video we’ll show you Dusty’s large pontoons that make him float on water, his spinning propeller and his tank that scoops and sprays water. First, we scoop this water toy through the pool to fill his tank, then we push his head to spray the water and sink the floating fire targets. Dusty’s propeller also spins when you push his head.

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Planes Fire and Rescue is called aviones contra incendios y rescate in Spanish, Flugzeuge Feuerwehr und Rettungs in German, avions incendie et de secours in French and gli aerei antincendio e di salvataggio in Italian. Toys are called juguetes, spielzeug, jouets and giocattoli.

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