[DnB] – Tristam & Braken – Frame of Mind [Monstercat Release]

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  1. I've been missing out… This is awesome!

  2. Favorite song by them

  3. Beri Gud Mujik Bro ㅋ

  4. hey does anyone know how we get/apply to get some music for a YouTube intro/ outro? maybe not this song I'm going through lots deciding my favorites

  5. To me, the lyrics tell a story of a guy and a girl (whoa, big surprise, I know). The guy has a pretty good, normal view on everything, while the girl has a "shattered frame of mind" on the world, viewing it as broken and destroyed. The guy tries to help her "find a slightly better frame of mind", and plays it easily with her, as to not overwhelm her. The problem is, the girl never finds that "slightly better frame of mind", not until the end. It's quite a touching love story, honestly.

  6. The end is so nice…

  7. yes good

  8. iyi

  9. you da best

  10. To me this song is about 2 people who are close to each other. The one singing is trying to comfort and support the other one who is probably going through a difficult phase of their lives (your shattered frame of mind). The singer is willing to help so they can overcome the difficulties and find a better frame of mind (a new mindset) or in other words help them grow mentally and go on. Personally this song sends chills down my spine and kinda makes me wanna cry cause i can relate it with my life this year. All in all, it s a beautiful song and it can have a different meaning for someone.

  11. I came here because Umbrella vs FLLFFL, and for nearly a year, I listen to this song over and over again. Now I came back…again cause Umbrella Recollection 2. Am I the only one?

  12. I love this song so much…….it always reminds me of a great friend I used to have…..oh the nostalgia

  13. Hi

  14. This song is used in Roblox Epic Minigames

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