Family Helping Family During Tough Times

My brother had to have surgery that came with a long recovery and rehabilitation time. His wife was run ragged getting him to doctor and physical therapist appointments. They do not make a fortune, and they were living with even less now that he was off work. It was getting to be too much for them to get everything done even though he was improving. My wife and I foot the bill to hire them a part time helper in Singapore to do chores around the house. This took a huge load off of the both of them.

My brother was trying to help with things such as the laundry, and it would take him so much time and require so much effort that he was too tired to do his weight training therapy at home. He needed to help rebuild lost muscle mass. He needed to keep with his therapy schedule. The part time helper in Singapore freed up time to get all of his exercising done without getting too tired out. He started to improve faster, and his doctor told him that he should be able to go back to work ahead of the schedule they originally set for him. He was very pleased to hear that as he felt like he was causing too much stress on his wife. She said that the helper pretty much took most of the stress away. They only had the financial worries, but it was not critical if he could get back to work on schedule.

Family needs to really be there for family. I know so many who offer help and never really do anything. Sometimes you need to take it upon yourself to put up some money to help people out, especially members of your own family. We were happy to be able to do this back when my brother was in need. You never know when you will need family there to help you.

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