Fan Facts #30 (GTA IV)

===Fact #1===
(00:06) There is no crash animation when you are on the phone.
Thanks to derek frost
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===Fact #2===
(00:55) Satriale’s Pork Store from The Sopranos is located in Alderney.
Thanks to Chris Recinos
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===Fact #3===
(01:19) At the Hove beach clothes store, when attacking the lady at the checkout, she sometimes says ‘Boris’ and a guy may run in the store to punch you.
Thanks to Silly Billy
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===Fact #4===
(02:15) You can jog by assigning a secondary key for “sprint”.
Thanks to ult1matum

===Fact #5===
(02:46) The subway train has 3 cars in daytime and 2 at night
Thanks to kale moeder
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===Fact #6===
(03:11) A ship named “Wet Dream”.
Thanks to julian pl
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===Fact #7===
(03:21) When dying while arrested you spawn at the police statin and not at the hospital.
Thanks to VeryBubbles3066

===Fact #8===
(03:53) Railing glitch at the Windmill st. train station.
Thanks to Rosy Stripes
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===Fact #9===
(04:33) Ladder glitch at the Higgins Helitours Heliport.
Thanks to Andri Jatnika
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===Fact #10===
(05:42) In TBoGT sexy time mission after the mission you can continue to fire and Luis Lopez will yell as if he is firing at enemies.
Thanks to Eddie Sandwichs
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===Fact #11===
(06:19) The APC in TBoGT can drive in the middle park lake.
Thanks to The Negan
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===Fact #12===
(06:59) A mistake in the game files prevented the Hakuchou from spawning properly.
Thanks to SCG
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===Fact #13===
(07:33) Burnout in reverse on a motorcycle.
Thanks to Mr.DudeMan
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===Fact #14===
(07:51) In TBoGT drug wars, Armando/Henrique will do anything to keep up with you.
Thanks to Erik M.
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===Fact #15===
(09:27) If you take cover in the elevator door in any niko apartment, the screen instead of fade in and fade out to load, wil stay as it is and show the camera moving down/up.
Thanks to Higor Santos
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===Fact #16===
(09:59) Waves are bigger in bad weather.
Thanks to doggydude98
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===Fact #17===
(10:24) Billy uses the “Flat Line” ringtone.
Thanks to Hog Rider
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===Fact #18===
(10:48) Firing a weapon while falling.
Thanks to SuperTartine 592
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===More Fan Facts===
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