Found In Translation: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I played the first 20 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in English. Then I downloaded the Japanese language DLC and rewatched all the cutscenes. Here is a whole buffet table of differences I noticed.

0:00: A brief introduction and a word on “Solidsnakeism.”

1:29: “Religion Scrubbing,” in which we discuss numerous spiritual references which the English script blatantly obscures.

4:16: “Name Polishing,” in which we examine the original Japanese names of some of the many characters whose names were changed in the English localization. (This section contains a length interlude on ancient Chinese astrological symbolism.)

7:06: “Punch Buffing,” in which we discuss a few of the places where the English version is punchier than the Japanese. (Nia is a bit meaner in English.)

10:08: “Punchwashing,” a word I made up a long time ago to describe jokes which localization waters down. There’s a particularly racy one in here.

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