“Game Of Thrones | Battle Of The Bastards”[Part 3][SE6EP9]

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  1. 8:589:25 -> Most satisfying 27 seconds in all of Game Of Thrones

  2. I shed a tyr when the horn blew.

  3. Ramsey's a bitch

  4. last min best scene ever

  5. el ultimo en publicar

  6. Heck, craft decent armor for the giants for the best shock infantry ever.

  7. Someone should have given that giant a tree trunk for a club. It would have broken up that shield wall.

  8. @3:20 this is why I don't watch low-budget TV shows. A whole bunch of shaky camera nothingness.

  9. 4:50 gg Comeback is real

  10. Who the fuck out there stacking bodies in a perfect arch?

  11. I want to do to the establishment what Jon did to Ramsay!

  12. The scenes where they show all the wounded men being stepped on and climbed over are the worst. I think i would rather just die then have wounds like that on a medieval battlefield.

  13. 4:39 he just pulled a rick grimes on that poor fucker

  14. kinda weak ending to that part to be honest. Like ramsey just gave up entirely. There was zero chance for him to lose, and it didn't even feel like something he would do.

    Writers just gave up it seems.

  15. Why did Jon stop punching him, I'd keep punching till my knuckles are in shards or his face is chum

  16. good movie

  17. Jon snows army was suppose to be outnumbered right? Here looks like Jon Snows army is larger, but the Boltons have a better strategy.

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