Gift Giver – Phobic

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  1. the voicemails literally sound like my dad's voicemails. the 3 that he sent in 15 days. wont leave me alone.

  2. this is so fucking bad. band needs to fucking stop. can't believe people like such awful music. literal dog shit just went I'm my ears.

  3. 1:20 :O

  4. This band sounds like a rip off of Sylar and Attila in a bad way

  5. Gift giver got better

  6. Downlar olmasa Korn'dan farkı yok.

  7. The Nu shit is coming back <3 love you guys

  8. wtf happened

  9. Shreds

  10. love this shit. dope as fuuuuck.

  11. I love these straightforward and in-your-face lyrics, you don't find stuff like that these days.
    UPDATE: Hell, I so get it now. It's about their ex-bassist.

  12. DJ Lethal, bring it on.

  13. holy fucking a
    shit I just woke up in 2002 ahaha Limpgiver Im down

  14. Fronz new band hey

  15. This goes in.

  16. drop the corny limp bizkit

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