Grandma Thanksgiving Rap Song “Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes” Lyrics @Vick2hot

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  1. was that Selena?

  2. This is dope

  3. i love this song

  4. What's the shout at 0:11 ? Who is it and what does he say?

  5. this is lit af

  6. yall make a song off everything

  7. tamitoe

  8. Pls put this in Spotify

  9. who's watching in the new year lmao

  10. Putting Drake and LiL Wayne Rae and all other rappers to shame since 1997…

  11. this shit bangs harder than most songs now adays no bs

  12. lol

  13. Damn Shirley!! Lol

  14. I love this song

  15. ah the 90s shows

  16. im a faggot

  17. Am I the only one that thinks she sounds like Bizzy Bone?

  18. This is the tightest song out right now!!!

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