Heat Shootout Scene [High Quality]

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  1. I wanna do that

  2. GTA V as inspired by this movie, the first truck heist turned into a mission in the game, and the Union heist is the same shootout in the vid.

  3. Val looks like a tier 1 operator in this shit god damn!!!

  4. it would have been a great easter egg or reference if they gived Al Pacino an M16 if you know what i mean

  5. Still one of the best.

  6. Tinnitus! Tinnitus for everybody!

  7. this is just an average action scene ,just a little bit long.Why there is so much hype about it?

  8. Heat Shootout Scene fantastic

  9. Well, cool scene, to be sure… but you and I have different definitions of "high quality" apparently. 480p? Seriously?

  10. Best bank heist scene ever!

  11. This is where Mann peaked. This is where DeNiro peaked. But also it's worth watching the "spiritual prequel" to this, 1979's Thief also by Michael Mann.

  12. The guns in this scene sound amazing.

  13. My wife says Robert De Niro is handsome in this movie.

  14. when Deniro was gettng away in the car it just seemed Pacino from his facial expressions Paciino didnt want to take him but instead let him get away or am I mistaken

  15. Интересно, что потом стало с героем Аль Пачино дальше, после заключительной сцены фильма? :-)

  16. lots of things wrong with this movie. Police marksmanship isn't bad folks. Val Kilmer would have been shot dead early on. Plus they would have a military cobra after people with this kind of fire power, or a armored vehicle.

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