How to Be Well Groomed (1949)

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  1. What to do with those curls she so carefully put in last night? Oh yes! Take a hair straightener to them! Hehe!!

  2. If Sue has stubby hands, then does that mean Don has a stubby penis? Lol!!

  3. Mom looks pretty ratchet, everyone else looks put together lol

  4. 4:44 "Let's hope he'll pay attention to patterns and colors."
    …That's very helpful considering the entire film is in black and white.

  5. well if I was jobless I could wash myself every day. unfortunatelly we live in capitalism so only 3 hours a day od free time.

  6. people in their early 20's and down are in dire need of help when it comes to looking clean.I see so many young moms walking around with tramp stamps on their bodies,hair messily piled up on their heads with roots showing,flip flops and and blouses with spaghetti straps and bra straps showing. Some guys walk around with long shirts out,vulgar or stupid printed t-shirts and those awful looking baseball caps.Oh yes and walking around in public with their faces in their phones.

  7. Watching this…and then seeing the foul-mouthed, scruffy, unreliable people of today with their chaotic lives and me-me-me attitude.

  8. I'm glad the mother and father finally appeared! I was beginning to worry about their living situation.  And did Don ever get orthodontia?  Did Sue wear that same hairstyle the rest of her life? Did the father ever get rid of that moustache?

  9. I hate ironing.

  10. Just be careful that none of "the strange ones" are looking at you…

  11. The whole time they picked out their clothes, I kept saying," You need more than 5 shirts!!! How can you people live with 5 shirts, maybe 3 pairs of pants, and little else! And Jesus, who bought Don that shirt?! Obviously his very sight-impaired Grandmother for Christmas. I always knew she hated Don, and here's the proof!"

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