How to Beat a Car Dealer at the End of the Month | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia

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  1. I was teaching my son this very thing, had a look at the car, drove it, made a good offer 750$ short and said we were firm.  Within a week my son got the shits and gave in to the full price without me knowing!  Oh well can't win them all I guess.  The thing is, He told us someone was going to pick the car up that day if we didn't, no-one came, we had him by the nuts.  The best thing you can do for your children in a situation like this is to teach them patience.  It's the way that deal goes! One deal I made on a Nissan Skyline 2.5 GTS cost 3 months, but I saved 4 grand.

  2. Time to take over the world – PLEASE START WITH SOUTH AFRICA…!!!!

  3. tHANKS jOHN

  4. You really helped me buying a brand new car is no easy but you have to fight to get a good price especially when the dealer is an asshole just like you said walk away and keep looking up somewhere else you need time and patience!!

  5. Your pronunciation of 'confrontation' set my OCD off. I showed this your other videos about car buying strategies to a couple of car salesman mates and it pissed them right off. So you must be doing something right. Next time I buy my new car I'll employ a bit of confruntation.

  6. You're a great man. Love your style. Wish I can "borrow" you to negotiate my new car. thank you for your advice.

  7. I just had a binge watch of heaps of your videos, John. You are bang on the money with most of your calls. I've sold cars in Aussie and NZ and it's a tough game alright. Keep up the good work, mate.

  8. Great video as usual John…would you have any advice on buying second hand cars. I suppose the same rules don't apply…end of the month etc. Any possibility of a "beat the dealer on a second hand car deal" type video.

  9. Just like to say I cant believe how many idiots come out of the woodwork with useless comments when someone is giving good advice on how to save money when buying a car. As for the way he puts the info over it does make it a little more interesting than listening to some boring guy listing facts etc. Great work John keep it up.

  10. I've watched your videos, and you have great honest videos. I haven't seen you have a biased opinion, it's crystal clear the types of vehicles that are reliable and the ones that aren't. The reason I commented was the Dealer speaks more bullshit than The Bible. I literally laughed out loud.

  11. Is MRSP shown by Google a good price or you can go lower that level?

  12. Nice one John.
    I watched two months worth of how to become a car salesman videos on youtube, and also learned from your channel. Going up against an Army knowing what weapons and tactics they have ahead of time was very helpful to me. I visited the Dealer in the last 5 days of the month, and engaged the Army and came out even. I did walk away once we settled on a walk away price. I said I would return only after I spoke to my wife or she would kill me LOL.
    I did return, and the Dealer made a profit, and I got the lowest price. I did not pay for the extras. Rust protection, Extended warranty s, Duraguard. No Delivery fee, Air tax, Tire tax, Admin fee.

    I negotiated all my options into my Drive away price. No trade in and no talk about financing until we settled on a Drive away price.
    I'm sure they would have made $1000s more off of me if I had not done my homework.

    Thanks John

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