How to confuse a creationist – 1

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Ring species examples and correction:

Someone wrote to say that the ensatina is not a good example of ring species because where the ring comes together there have been instances of eschscholtzii and klauberi interbreeding. I agree, I should have used just the second example I gave, the greenish warbler. Unlike ensatina, there are no instances of the end species, plumbeitarsus and viridanus, interbreeding.

Sources for the ensatina ring:

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Sources for the Warbler ring:

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Someone asked me to make a short version of this video, leaving out all the derisive stuff and just showing the mechanism of ring species. I got a message echoing that request, because the requesters want to use the video educational ammunition against creationist friends.
If that need is shared by others I will be happy to do this, but using the example of the greenish warbler rather than the ensatina.

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