I Have Been Really Working Hard

I have been doing well down here, but I live right on the beach and if you never noticed there are a lot of girls on beaches, so I have been trying really hard to look good for them. I have not ever thought of myself as fat, but I realize that I am something that is not thin either. I have been working out so well as I could with the time constraints here and I have started looking at diets. The South Beach diet is what I am looking at now, but I am not so sure that it is what I want. Of course I want to eat things that I want to eat and not be forced to eat things that I do not want to eat. Nearly all of the diets that you see what you to give up things that you love and then take on things that you might not like.

The thing that a lot of people tell me I should try to find a meal replacement thing, of which there are a vast number of them. Of course the thing is that you have to burn off some weight and then not replace it by eating less or eating things that are not going to make you put on weight. Instead you are going to need to find things that you can stick to. Any diet is useless if you did not stick with it and I am aware of the fact that I am not going to want to suffer in any way. The real problem I have is that if I lose the weight, that is not going to be enough to make me look good on the beach in my shorts. You might still have the same flab on your belly.

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