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  1. I'll recite this to the next teacher who tells me I can't do something well

  2. And what would be an alternative for school may i ask?

  3. Wow

  4. America need him to be president!!!! (he would probably inspire other countrys too)

  5. I hate school because of tests, homework. And nothing else, we need a system like finland has. And to make it better, shorter school days. It would have been a dream come true

  6. I feel like taking this and doing something with try and make a difference see if someone will come and listen…..

  7. Im crying cause I relate to the tree more than the fish

  8. We live in a world where our entire future is dependent on a letter if you make A's and B's you have a good future a better job and a better salary we live in a world where kids cry over low grades does it really matter if you made an F in elementary school or Middle School or High School we live in a world where people judge us based on a letter not based on our personality
    we live in a world where people are considered dumb if they don't understand math or don't have good grades there are many different kinds of smart but the only kind we focus on is intellectual
    We teach or youth that you can only be successful if you make good grades if you can focus if you can stay organized and understand everything in the classroom
    Teachers are so underpaid
    Without teachers doctors, lawyers, etc wouldn't exist

  9. A fish climbing a tree and a student learning algebra are different.all students can learn algebra but some students don't, because they are too lazy. Some students just do their work and don't bitch and moan like prince ea. I gurentee you fucked up in high school, prince. Competition in schools is good. Life is competition and we need to teach our kids that.

  10. Helal reis hocayı dövmeye gidiyom

  11. You must say this to every school and also teacher at are turning child to robot or acting like robots and this is sad

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