I Met a Nice Girl

Of course the real problem is that she is way too nice of a girl and I am not sure that I am likely to get any place. I met her when I was out seeing clients the other day. She is a corporate secretary in Singapore and she is very attractive, but so is her boss and I was trying not to flirt with either of them during the meeting. At any rate when the meeting was over the girl’s boss practically ordered her to go out to lunch with me. Apparently she had just broken up with some guy and had been moping around, or this was what her boss told me. It was really embarrassing, but I was certainly willing to buy the girl lunch. However she was incredibly shy and I am pretty sure that she is never going to take me home to meet her parents. She is Malay and it seems as though her parents would expect her to only date other Malaysian people.

At any rate I had a really difficult time getting her phone number and it was obvious that she was not the sort of girl who goes out on a date and ends up going home with the guy. I am pretty sure that you probably have to marry her if that is what you want, but I could not really help myself. I am pretty sure that I was really up for the challenge and aside from that I had the feeling that it was something that could be accomplished if you really worked out the detail. She was not like any other girl that I had ever dated, so that probably attracted me a lot as well. I have taken her out to dinner a couple of times so far.

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