Is Music Permissible Or Forbidden? – Mufti Menk

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  1. Music and the Qur'an cannot occupy the same heart. Sooner or later one will push out the other.

  2. But wait!!!! Can i listen to jazz??? Its kinda soothing tho.

  3. What about "Maher Zain", "Sami Yusuf"?In Mast Qalandar song have used so many musical instrument.

  4. labaik

  5. live your life and enjoy don't lose it for things like life after death no one has seen it and people who talk abt it have no proof

  6. ma-sha-allah

  7. what about songs like for Euro 2016 and 2012

  8. Pop Music, Rap, Hard Rock are all satanic Music. Controlled by the Illuminati. These pop stars Worship Shaitaan. But a lot of brother and sisters yet listen to these filthy mumbo jumbo.

  9. Asalaam Alaikum…Brothers and Sisters,,,please checkout my channel…its a an Islamic channel…where you can find Reminders, Recitation, Nasheeds and other videos. Jazaakumullah Kairan.

  10. one of the reciters he mentioned is from my country raad al kurdi we are from kurdistan of iraq

  11. Wallahi if the whole world would tell me Music is Halal still i will not accept it since our Beloved Prophet PBUH clearly prohibited us from listening to Music.

  12. using musical instruments is haram,only duff is permissible. :)

  13. Wat about deen squad

  14. but …..we have alot ot nasheed with music …and we move our body on its rhyms..i mean the most imortant is the words that we listen even when we move our bodies….
    we have islamic parties as in wedding we have an islamic bands…allll songs with music…

  15. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaathuh.
    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters!

    [Pease do not delete this messages]
    Jazakallahu khayran

  16. Can you listen to music with only gunshots?

  17. so basically Ur saying music that isn't dirty is halal. like SEEN SQUAD?

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