Justin Bieber – Pray

***Justin Bieber watched/tweeted/facebooked this video on December 26th, 2010! THANK YOU JUSTIN! You inspire so many!****

This is a concept I had and threw together in a few days with friends, inspired by Justin Bieber’s song “Pray.” I don’t claim to be good at video, i’m just a photographer. But all the same I hope the story touches you. There is no end to the gravity of a sacrifice that our soldiers make for us. And I pray that one day this type of sacrifice won’t be necessary.

Sometimes, the hands that find themselves in prayer are the very hands in the best position to “make a change.” Love each other, and love yourself. It’s a start.

You can find all the people in this video on twitter : @amylynnphotos @taytoh89 @joshuapaulkay @jayypatrick @kellibarta @crysteldanisa :] also check out www.amylynnstraub.com or facebook.com/amylynnphotography

Thank you to SPC Corey Kibzey & PFC Jessica Nelson for letting your beautiful baby daughter Charlie Mae Kibzey be in our video. You will both be in our thoughts as you deploy next year.

I do NOT claim rights to this song. All rights belong to Justin Bieber and The Island Def Jam Media Group.

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