Kenny Chesney – Coach (Audio)

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  1. Does anyone know the accoustic chords for this song?!?!? I've been trying to learn them but I cant!

  2. Pat Head!!!!!!!

  3. my favorite song reminds me of highschool.

  4. when my middle school coach died 2 weeks ago they played this song. I love this song so much even through I end up brawling every time I hear it

  5. Great follow-up to "The Boys of Fall" Kenny! Well done!

  6. Only teared up once, I laughed the whole rest of the time. Love ya coach

  7. My husband coached for over 40 years – this song is a lovely tribute to him and all others who have been called coach.

  8. one of my favorite songs from his new CD.

  9. AMEN. . thank you coach. . the Master of perfection! !!

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