New Bike Day – Diamondback Release Carbon “Seth’s Bike Hacks” Build

Today we take a look at my new bike, the Diamondback Release 5C. This particular one is available in “Custom Studio” which lets you choose every component on your bike. By clicking the “Seth’s Bike Hacks Pick” button, you can see everything I run.

To be clear, I don’t get a commission on this build like you may assume. This is something that Diamondback, Box, and myself teamed up to do for fun, and to give you guys a way to geek out over the parts. Buy whichever build suits your needs and budget.


Check out the custom Release 5C here: and use code DRAMA250 for 0 off

Also, check out Slime MTB Sealant:
and use SETHSBIKEHACKS10 on your order for 10% off

And here’s the absolute best value in carbon bikes, in my opinion:

And let’s not forget that you can ride a similarly capable bike for the cost of a root canal:

Want my stickers? They’re waterproof, trailworthy, and available now in every country with free shipping:

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