NEW SURVIVAL GAME! QUEST n’ RAID Focused! – Hold Your Own Gameplay

Falcon’s Hold Your Own Gameplay. Let’s Play Hold Your Own, An open world sandbox, crafting and survival FPS game set on islands with varying topography.

In this One Shot of Hold Your Own, we explore the island to many surprises. As always, If you enjoy Hold Your Own and would like to see more gameplay, let me know with a comment n’ thumbs up!

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About Hold Your Own

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You find yourself on an island, starting from scratch while trying to survive. Survivors will be able to interact with smart and complete AI to claim resources and expand building capabilities. Let’s Play Hold Your Own!

In Hold Your Own it’s easier to find food and water, but AI is harder to defeat and coming after you. Building and crafting a base is easier as the focus will be on fun quests.

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