NEW! Thundering Herd – Bonus Feature+Progressive Win – Slot Machine Bonus

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NEW SLOT! Thundering Herd
I knew it would be only a matter of time before another slot manufacturer jumped on the Buffalo Stampede train. Well, this time it’s Multimedia. Here is a look at Thundering Herd. This game has two progressive jackpots attached…what I do like about this one compared to Stampede is the Jackpots must hit by XXX…as opposed to never know when it will hit.

What stands out in this one…the free spins bonus feature…starts at 50 lines. Every time you get expand on reels 2 and 4…the reels expand by 50 extra lines. The Max is 200 lines…(SMOKE AND MIRRORS, I KNOW). In addition to every time you land the expanding reels you receive an extra spin. The reels cap at 200 lines…however, you can still gain extra spins. I have two free spins bonus features, however, I am only showing the best one today…which reaches 150 lines. This game is very difficult to record…I had to sit all the way back and low to pan up the camera…quite challenging, but I got the job done – lol. I hope you enjoy this game. It is my opinion…that we could possibly see handpays on the upper end of the bet. The Max is 5 bucks. Please remember to thumbs up, subscribe, favorite and share. Your support is appreciated. Thanks and Enjoy!

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