Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet Runthrough

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  1. Much easier as a DH now

  2. Thanks for making this guide.

  3. Ty mate. make all the shit easy for me hehehe

  4. The second dog isn't there – in the trial.

  5. Thx for the video, I was missing the one by the entrance and one of the 2 Quilens on the vault.

  6. Thanks for the vid. I was going nuts looking for the final one.

  7. The second one is no where to be found, tested this with 4 of my lvl 100 char, same problem…

  8. lol that second half

  9. mobs do NOT despawn after completion of dg at all

  10. There is no quilen in trial of king for me, :(( help :/

  11. Sorry but i don't understand why all the people say: "use /tar xxx macro" since you already have the first Quilen with you it will always target this one. At least thats what happen to me.

  12. Thanks so much

  13. This worked perfect

  14. Thank you.

  15. Thanks a bunch, I had a hard time find the 3rd one

  16. tywm :)

  17. tyvm youre awesome =D 

  18. Thanks! /roar

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