Quickest Way to Tie the FG Knot (The Strongest Braid to Leader Fishing Knot)

This video shows you how to tie the FG knot the quickest way possible. This knot has proven to be the STRONGEST & SMALLEST braid to leader knot that we’ve ever tested. So far, it has won countless bouts against other top knots that our visitors have recommended.

When we first saw it, we didn’t think it stood a chance… but we’re ok with admitting that we were wrong.

Here at Salt Strong, we performed an “strongest fishing knot” contest that has been performed solely for inshore anglers who want to connect their braided line to a fluorocarbon leader.

Click here to see the original knot contest where we discovered how strong the FG knot really is:

Best Fishing Knot for Braided Line [Braid to Leader Contest]

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After weeks of testing every fishing knot out there, we came away with a few different winners of the “Strongest Fishing Knot Challenge”, as there were a few different categories.

The FG Knot won our “Best of the Best Fishing Knot Challenge in terms of both strength and size (it’s the thinnest of all the competitors).

As you’ll see, this is a unique way to tie the knot which requires putting tension on the braid and wrapping the leader around it in a way that braids the line around the leader compactly so you don’t have to pause mid-way through to tighten the coils down like you do when tying it the standard way.

If you’d like to see which knots were used in the competition, just go to http://www.saltstrong.com/articles/be….

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