Rob Kardashian Leaves Hospital After Diabetes Scare | TMZ

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  1. I feel for you Rob she has Ming fucked you hard but you let her

  2. It was the eggos

  3. Quit eating burgers and donuts and you won't have to worry about diabetes. I don't want to hear the "addicted to food" excuse either. For someone that has overcame opiate addiction which is incredibly painful to detox from, its hard to give sympathy to Rob; there is no such thing as cheeseburger withdrawals.

  4. oh man i thought 2016 was taking another one to harambe, well theres 2 days left any ways so who knows

  5. That idiot let the hoe, hoe his fat ass. smh

  6. it's a miracle. ..I tell ya….a miracle! ! ! ;)

  7. now blac chyna is poisoning this fool?

  8. I still wonder why they don't use stabilizers

  9. What a fatass LUL

  10. Rob just doesn't get it. He's not going to learn until he's dead. Smfh.

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