Satan’s BEST trick to DECEIVE Christians REVEALED!

Jesus teaches us to ONLY listen to Him, and to be led by His Spirit, He says the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. The problem comes when Satan uses people who are very close to you. Your own family members, your own friends, and they come to you with very legitimate sounding concerns. They say; “Friend, I am very concerned for you.” And they might be very concerned for you but their concern does not come from the Holy Spirit. If you start listening to people, and take your eyes off of Jesus, Satan will have you deceived. To people who are already dedicated to following Jesus, Satan cannot use a psychotic, obviously satanic person to deceive them. You will know instantly that that person is NOT from the Holy Sprit. But if Satan uses someone that you still respect, that you maybe still look up to. You can bet that will be a lot more deceptive looking. Maybe, Satan could get you to start following men and women again. This is how he gets many many Christians to stumble. They get their eyes off of Jesus and they put their eyes back onto other men. If you do not want to be deceived, you have to keep your eyes on Jesus and be asking Him in prayer daily for the guidance of His Spirit. Jesus Himself says to His best friend Peter; “GET BEHIND ME SATAN!” Peter on that day said to Jesus, “Jesus you’re talking crazy, you certainly will not go to a cross and die.” Peter had the best of intentions for Jesus, Peter loved Jesus, Peter was very concerned for Jesus, BUT Peter was NOT being led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew what He must do. AND if we keep our eyes on Jesus, we will know what We must do. Are your eyes on Jesus? Are you being led by the Holy Spirit? Or are you just listening to other men and women? May the grace of Jesus be with you.

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