Sea Burning Size Of San Francisco In Flames. Second Igor Kryan 2018 Prophecy Just Came True

10 square miles of burning sea size of San Francisco and no survivors not a single one. Everything that was left from Iranian oil tanker Sanchi in China on January 14, 2018. 1 Million barrels of oil, 33 Crew members, Giant ship, Flagman of world oil tankers fleet. All gone. And in December of last years Igor Kryan not only told that sea shall burn in 2018 you but showed a giant ship engulfed in flames at the link above. This is the second 2018 Kryan prophecy that came true. The first one was deep Freeze from Chicago to New York that fulfilled last week. The other prophecies can be seen on our channel. They all obtained by the time machine. The most famous was made over a year ago at the link above when Igor Kryan told you that Texas shall go underwater in 2017 September and showed you flooded Houston with only skyscrapers sticking from the water. Everyone laughed then, no one is laughing now.

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