Slip Up!

Slip Up!™ is a romantic comedy marketed towards oceanographers and cab drivers! Featuring the antics of Henry and Gordon as they get into all kind of silly shenanigans.

Here’s some more credits
Narrator/Henry – TheBuriedTruck
Gordon – Explosive Cookie
Henry’s Driver – SireEmEye
Henry’s Fireman – TheMilanTooner
The Fat Controller – TheKipperRunsAgain
Workman – RightOnTracks, The Chairmaster

Miscellaneous Credits:
Writer: RightOnTracks
Music/Dialogue Mixing: RightOnTracks
Sound Mixing: Carson08022000
Creative Consultants: Suddery Studios, SireEmEye
Special Thanks to: Mike, Eric, Chris and Duncan
Music – All rights to respective owners.


This was a project that took Derek like two years to get done, this was meant to be up on his channel but graciously handed me the project and I got it done within a week…oops.
HUGE thanks to those involved, and HUGE thanks to people for helping me through this. Thanks guys, enjoy!

All Audio and footage used from the Thomas and Friends TV Series
is Copyrighted to Hit Entertainment Limited

This video has been fan made and i own nothing or endorse anything

Locos/Rolling Stock/Routes/Facepacks SI3D, DarthAssassin Train47553d, The Sudrian Community, Crovan’s Gate Works, NWR3D, (#1TFM), WildNorWester3D, Sodor Railways, MSTNoodle, & Magandy

Music by Me, CaptainPunjab, SudrianAfro, Toby’s Windmill, ThomasSebyMG, Blake Kei, Micheal M and many others!

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