Spicy Sichuan Lamb Stir-fry – 四川香辣羊肉

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Enjoy that stinging sensation on your tongue? That buzzing head rush? The fiery blast erupting throughout your body with every bite? REJOICE! For this dish is literally da’ bomb for you spice junkies out there!

What better way to relish in this chemical warfare together with lamb meat sourced directly from New Zealand. For soft meat, deep flavours and an excellent source of vitamins – opt for grass fed lamb. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Grass fed lambs are typically lower in fat content compared to their grain fed counterparts and are enriched with vital nutrients such as iron, zinc and other vitamins. For this, we used Pure South lamb shoulder. Not only is it one of the more cost effective part of the lamb, it also packs a big flavour together with ultra tender meat. A bang for both your bucks and tastebuds!

Now, it’s really simple to whip up your very own version of spicy Sichuan sauce from scratch. Commonly known as ‘mala”, that addictive fiery sting comes from frying Sichuan peppercorn together with ginger, onion, garlic and dried chillies. Toss in those seared slices of lamb meat into that boiling crimson concoction for a minute and you are on, for a tongue-tingling time.

Don’t miss out on this fiery pleasure even if you can’t handle the heat, bring it down a notch by pairing with rice to enjoy a milder spicy punch with that melting meat.

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