Squeal’s Long Pig

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  1. heard this this morningon the radio………..fuck the memories came flooding back …..must have seen this live about 20 times mostly at the bat centre……….thanks for the memories ………Dave and Brett…….hope your well…..Neville

  2. Anyone heard the track Monkey from Oz band The Living End? Interesting..

  3. I remember when it was just Dave and Brett and they were known as "This Is This". What a band and all round great guys! Still listen to the debut album.


  5. "FUCK YOU CHINA !!!!" – great memories in PMB Buzz Bar, like other comments – was blown away by you blokes back then…….. great times

  6. Best rock ever dudes on level with nirvana loved that stuff.

  7. Brett you are the machine! The bass part for this song is the most physically demanding I've ever done. This song rocks. It is one of the all time rock classics.

  8. Still some of my best music and concerts.

  9. Bought the single CD, after Jool 1999.

  10. pomping

  11. So happy I own this cd. UK friends just don't understand it.

  12. Damn now this takes me back many years. Had the honour of opening for Squeal in the 1990s at The River Club in Cape Town. Those were the days.

  13. Still outstanding!  Barry van Zyl – BRILLIANT drummer! love it

  14. I still listen to this song on a daily basis… love it!

  15. Wasn't one of them brothers with the guy from Stereo MCs?

  16. Try RUNNERS !

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