The 1975 – The Sound

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  1. Happy New Year (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)/
    Goodbye 2016.

  2. 1975 was the year I dropped acid, lost my virginity, and hitch hiked across the country (I wouldn't suggest it now) and I also like this song.

  3. that thumbnail

  4. this is not rock

  5. <3 she's american coming up next !!!! >:D YASSSS

  6. Listen mate only JC Caylen can pull off that hair cut

  7. Actually so catchy and good

  8. here for Gabriel and Jess lol

  9. i love this

  10. did anyone else think at 1:52 that looked like ruby rose???

  11. The thumbnail change anyone?

  12. imagine hotboxing in that glass case

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