The golden laws – Spiritual Anime ( Full Movie )

Two children from the future travel to ancient times to witness major events in religious history.
An interesting spiritual japanese anime, released 11 October 2003
– Toei Animation [Japan] –

Ryuho Okawa, founder of the Happy Science religious organization and the Happiness Realization Party in Japan.
This movie is based upon the books he wrote.
Since the founding of Happy Science, Okawa has reportedly published over 2000 books – most of which are transcripts of his video recorded lectures,] with 10 films based on his teachings: The Laws of the Sun, The Laws of Eternity, The Golden Laws, The Terrifying Revelations of Nostradamus, Hermes – Winds of Love, The Rebirth of Buddha, The Mystical Laws, The Final Judgement, The Laws of the Universe, and I’m Fine My Angel.[2] The three books The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws, and The Laws of Eternity(a.k.a. The Nine Dimensions) are the trilogy of books that contain the core teachings of Happy Science.

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