Thundering tropical waterfall in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Discover a hidden gem off of Route 10 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. At the site of a former hydroelectric plant from the 1920’s in Barrio La Planta, you’ll find a delightful little freshwater beach and waterfall on the Río Tanamá. Few people know about this special place, tucked back in the hills of the karst region. Locals come here to swim in the crystal river or stand under the roaring falls.

* Shot in 1920×1080 60fps with a Sony AS-15
* Portions shot in 120fps to let you see the full beauty of the falls
* Sound captured with the camera as well as with a ZOOM H1
* Video GPS only approximate, as we couldn’t get a lock

Thanks for watching, and as always, come visit Puerto Rico sometime!

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