Toe – Goodbye / グッドバイ (CUT_DVD with Toki Asako)

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  1. The drummer isn't human. He can't be.

  2. December 2016, and still gives me goosebumps

  3. 海外でかなり人気あるんだな

  4. There is no one can understand me truly
    I don't go out, I will keep silence
    Everyone is mania in general
    You don't have
    To know others

    It's more complex than how I used to thought
    But already I know
    The start is the end
    Everyone is mania in general
    You don't have time to sleep
    For to know others

    Umaku todokanai nda
    Mata tsugi no fuan ka?
    A disruption and blinder
    Sono saki wa nai nda

  5. In these comments, people who have never moved an audience to tears are complaining about the vocalist.

  6. This band was referenced in the comment section of a tricot song, definitely not disappointed :)

  7. Eu gosto muito dessa musica, tanto nessa versão quanto a original. Essa musica provoca diferentes emoções ao mesmo tempo, ela é simplesmente perfeita.

  8. it starts when the bass play

  9. they literally went to heaven for a brief moment.

  10. Singer is flat and sub standard. This should have stayed an instrumental. Can she not tell she's tone deaf? Loving the rest though.

  11. there is no one who understand me…

  12. sweet bracelet

  13. Who is the Chinese girl singing?

  14. beautiful song

  15. thanks hbox

  16. Anyone know in what key this song is? I wanna try and figure out that piano melody myself.

  17. ดนตรีก็เท่ แล้วยังมีเสียงนักร้องหญิงเสริมไปอีก แม่งลงตัวว่ะ//

  18. best band I've ever seen live! Was in awe over how passionately they played and lost for words when they finished. Truly brilliant!

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