Trentemøller: Deceive (official video)

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  1. Oberhammer

  2. sicʞ ¡

  3. This may be the best thing I have ever heard.

  4. Loving the siouxsie vibe

  5. 愛死了

  6. at kafasi yasiyorum resmen

  7. cok guzel nan

  8. Trentemoeller is a genius.

  9. I 'll tell you why I love you
    how I deceive you
    how I treat you
    to do it all the time

  10. simply, deceiving stuff.

  11. anyone noticed this is actually a pink floyd melody? it's from ummagumma.

  12. If anyone has seen the Documentary or heard of the man who got fucked by a horse and died, this video was probably inspired by it.

  13. This is cutting edge music. It clearly has it's influences, but is off a fresh trajectory. Brilliant video too.

  14. This song deceives me.

  15. Hi, does anyone have the lyrics of this song? I've been looking for months and I haven't had luck, please, if someone has the lyrics share them :)

  16. Extant

  17. amor negro…. wow

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