Types of WHIPS: a Comparison

Here I compare a snake whip, a bullwhip, and a stock whip.

The snake whip is a kangaroo whip that I made earlier this year, the bullwhip is an 8 footer from David Morgan, and the stock whip is from Simon Martin, www.whipmaker.com.au.

This is by no means a definitive comparison, more of a rough overview.

I also crack some performance hybrid whips. I made the particular pair in this video. If you would like to get a performance hybrid whip, they are available from the following website:


or email dakittywhips@aol.com

In my opinion the performance hybrid whip is great for pretty much any beginner.

If you’re in Australia, though, you’ll probably stick with the stock whip as it’s the traditional Australian whip and required for whip cracking competitions in Australia.

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