uTorrent Unable To Load……. Unknown Error! Problem Solved

In this video i’ll give you the best solution on How to Fix uTorrent Unable To Load……. Unknown Error!

Unable To Load……. Unknown Error! problem is annoying! I tried a lot of solutions that I’ve found on the internet but none of them worked 100% accurately except this final solution!

If you failed to reopen utorrent after deleting those two file ,just reinstall utorrent and i think that might solved your problems…


For the vista and latest version:

1. First closed the utorrent from the notifications try.

2. Then pressed windows+R . It will open “run” and write AppData there, and pressed enter . It will open Appdata folder. Or search in your search bar for the “AppData” folder.

3.After finding the AppData folder , go to Roaming then uTorrent.

3.In uTorrent Folder find settings.dat and settings.dat.old, after finding it,just Shift+delete these two folder .

4. open utorrent. that’s it. 😀

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