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As expected, Amit gets all tongue tied in front of his mother and it is the weirdo Sameer to the rescue again who now introduces Shalini as Nirmala’s sister Shashikala. Amit’s mom is very impressed with maid’s zeal to educate themselves despite having no one in the world and decides to get them married – Amit with Shalini and Sameer with Kiara.

Once Mother is gone back to Saharanpur, the guys are on the run and girls are hunting them for they want to kill them for what they did to them.

Will Kiara and Amit be together?

After “Married Women Diaries”, actor-director Kabir Sadanand has come up with another web series titled “Virgin Woman Diaries” presented by KamaSutra. Through this web series, Kabir addresses the issue of how society judges a woman who has an independent mind and the problem she goes through when she decides to get married to her boyfriend, in a very fun and humorous way.

Cast Of Virgin Woman Diaries
Dhiraj Totlani
Archita Agarwal
Nishant Shandilya
Mridanjli Rawal
Amit Behl
Delnaz Irani
RJ Urmin

Crew of Virgin Woman Diaries
Series Director: Kabir Sadanand
Episode Directors: Nishant Shandaliya and Shubham Dubey
Director of Photography: Hardeep Sachdev
Production Designer: Devna Vickerman
Concept: Kabir Sadanand
Written by: Manu Chobe and Vanita Jain
Lyrics: Rigveda
Singer: Srushti Barlewar
Music Composer: Varad J Khare
Creative Head: Vanita Jain
Produced by: Kabir Sadanand, Sohaib Hassan & Rajesh Kovil
Presented by: KamaSutra Condoms
Radio Partner: Fever 104 FM
Outdoor Partner: Laqshya

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