Wheelchair Accessible Home Bathroom

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  1. 1) Car and Driver in the john. Love it!

    2) I love wide doors. Us pedestrians might consider them to make it easier to get in and out of rooms.

    3) Why everyone doesn't use high toilet bowls is beyond me. I have crappy knees and would recommend them to anyone/everyone.

  2. cool, 🙂 (y)

  3. Do u have Instagram?

  4. My house was built in 1950, so the halls are narrow, plus the sinks are high as well as the stove I bought 20 years ago. I did not think about being in a wheelchair 30 years ago when I bought the house, of course, but the expense to change even a few things would be prohibitive and probably decrease the resale value of the house. I have a big tub in one bathroom and a shower in another bathroom. I don't have the upper body strength to use the tub with a shower seat unless I have a new upgrade installed (wheel in type of shower)….and can't use the shower as it was all remodeled in the late 70's but still not good for getting into with out me sliding over a shower chair and being afraid I will fall. Right now I do a sponge bath with small buckets….and wash my hair over a sink-uncomfortable, but it works. Are the ride in/wheel into showers worthwhile, or a big expense for nothing? I am a recent amputee (12/2012 ) and just find myself feeling very small in a tall world. Tables, desks & all things 'normal' are not made to fit an adult in a wheelchair. How are you finding things that work for you? A shame there aren't programs to help people upgrade homes when this happens. I am VERY independent and even run my small bookkeeping business out of the home but it's a big challenge to adapt a home into a wheelchair friendly place. I miss cooking on my stove and jumping into the shower whenever I feel like it!

  5. if you can't fill your skin how do you know when you're full, if your appendix ruptures, or if you're about to throw up?

  6. Thanks much for this video. I'm especially interested in your shower configuration. Transferring appears a bit tricky for you, but since you're a young man, you manage it well. However, as you age, you may lose some upper body strength where this may not work for you. Currently, I'm not a wheelchair user but I do have spina bifida and pushing 70 yrs. old so I thought it'd be good to incorporate shower accessibility into my remodeling plans.

  7. thanks very much, we are industrial Desing students and these videos will help us to better understand these problems not seen with the naked eye and gives us tools to contribute to the solution

  8. great set up. mine is more narrower its a strait in back out set up. the one thing that helps my is my Pants Up Easy system. keep up the posts Reese #PantsUpEasy

  9. I'm new.to.being in a wheelchair and its still not something I'm not used to get..I used to lvento cook and was about to start culinary school… I think it would be cool if u made w video about cooking in a wheelchair

  10. Great video, thank you. Everyday I think about what it would be like to have an accessible home and I don't know if I will ever manage it but I try to keep learning what other people are doing. I might find some things I can do. An accessible bathroom and kitchen would be really great. Thanks again for the video, you gave me some things to think about, like counter height for chair clearance.

  11. hey Brian what is the best way to do pressure reliefs and for how long an how often?

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