Who I REALLY Am & What I Have To Do

I want to let you know a little bit about what’s been happening in my life, what will be happening with the channel and why, as well as tell you something about myself that I’ve never shared publicly.

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▶︎︎★ I’m not giving up, vanishing or even taking days off (I don’t think I’m capable of that— please see around 12:03 in the video for some logistics as well as the 2nd video on Patreon: http://www.bitesizevegan.com/BiteSizeFuture ★◀

➤ Future Plans & Patreon History [additional video on logistics and financial stuff]: http://www.BiteSizeVegan.com/BiteSizeFuture
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➤ My Published Speeches: http://bit.ly/1V66Pi0

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Autistic activists & self-advocates are the best resources! See blog post for more.
➤ Ask An Autistic Series by Amythest Schaber: http://bit.ly/2mlG4vC

➤ Autistic Burnout & Shutdown:
These help explain some of what I’m currently experiencing:
➣ What Is Autistic Burnout? : http://bit.ly/2mN08Dc
➣ What Shutdown Is And Isn’t [the lists at the end are particularly helpful]: http://bit.ly/2mNikwo

➤ Highlighted Topics:
➣ Autism FAQ By Lydia X. Z. Brown (Autistic Hoya): http://bit.ly/2mNfjfD
➣ What Is Autism?: http://bit.ly/2nsUqtN
➣ A Note On “High/Low Functioning” Labels: http://bit.ly/2mlRuzy
➣ A Crash Course On Terms: http://bit.ly/2mm5Dwr

➤ What’s Wrong With Autism Speaks?
➣ Amythest’s Video: http://bit.ly/2n0XBGp
[See that video’s description as well as the blog post for this video for more resources regarding Autism Speaks].

➤ Additional Resources:
➣ Autistic Self Advocacy Network: https://autisticadvocacy.org/
➣ Amythest’s Tumblr: http://neurowonderful.tumblr.com/

➤ See The Blog Post for Even More: http://www.BiteSizeVegan.com/WhoIReallyAm

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