Wu Tang Collection: Thundering Mantis

Beardy goes ballistic in this 42nd st. classic! Ah Chi (Ka-Yan Leung) is obsessed with the martial arts, and more often than not, his kung-fu clowning gets him into trouble. Ending up facing Hsia (Eddie Ko) of the notorious Jade Brotherhood is inevitable. As a result, Hsia forces Chi’s martial arts master to expel him. Master less and working for a fish vendor, Chi meets a crafty kid (Wong Yat Lung), who’s Uncle Chow Tung (Yuet Sang Chin) is a master of the insane Mantis style. The Jade Brotherhood aims for control of the small town, but Chi is training with a new Master and will not accept bullies in the neighborhood.
Director: Teddy Yip
Cast: Leung Ka-Yan, Eddie Ko, Huang Yi Lung, Yuet Sang Chin
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